Mandeville mayor calls on MP Crawford to address bad roads

HATFIELD, Manchester — Mayor of Mandeville and chairman of the Manchester Municipal Corporation Donovan Mitchell has called on Manchester Central Member of Parliament Rhoda Moy Crawford to address deplorable road conditions in the constituency following an allocation of $100 million announced by the MP last month.

“I am in Central Manchester and I hear that time come, because dem nuh wah fix nuh road. They want it to look like nothing nah gwaan at Manchester Parish Council but I tell them Perth Road belongs to [National Works Agency] and Rhoda must fix the road,” Mitchell told a People’s National Party’s (PNP) Manchester North Western constituency conference on Saturday in Hatfield.

“[Work is going on with] the roads that I have to fix and the roads that the councillors have to fix, so we are doing our work,” added the mayor.

Mitchell last month was ratified as the PNP’s representative in Manchester Central, replacing Senator Peter Bunting.

Bunting lost to the ruling Jamaica Labour Party’s (JLP) Crawford in the September 3, 2020 General Election. Crawford polled 8,139 votes over Bunting’s 6,989 votes.

Mitchell, who is also councillor for the Royal Flat Division in Manchester Central, expressed confidence that the PNP will regain divisions and constituencies in Manchester.

“Comrades, I tell you: Time come. Because if they think they will get away with some of the things they are going on with, I know we are just waiting. If they want to call the general election, fine with me. If they want to call the local election, fine with me,” said Mitchell.

“Because if is Bellefield, we are going to win it. If it’s Knockpatrick, we are going to win it. If it is Johns Hall, we are going to win it. If is Mile Gully, we are going to win it — and no matter where they go, if is New Green we are going to win it. The people of Manchester are saying to the Jamaica Labour Party: ‘Time come!’ ” Mitchell told jubilant PNP supporters.