Mandeville traffic project to be completed in November, says Crawford

MANDEVILLE, Manchester — Member of Parliament for Manchester Central Rhoda Crawford says the long-awaited implementation of a traffic management system here to address congestion is nearing completion.

“It is 95 per cent completed and will be completed in November…” Crawford said while addressing a Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) Manchester North Western constituency conference in Mile Gully on Sunday.

As part of the project, a one-way system is to be implemented at a section of Caledonia Road. The one-way is to take effect from the intersection of Caledonia Road, Manchester Road and Ward Avenue flowing towards New Green Road, where it will end.

Among the roads and intersections to be signalised under the Greater Mandeville Traffic Management System are North Race Course Road to Main Street, North Race Course Road to Caledonia Road, Villa Road to Main Street, South Race Course Road, Caledonia Road, Park Crescent, Manchester Road, Perth Road, and Greenvale Road.

Cameras and pedestrian crosswalks are to be installed as part of the project to alleviate congestion.

Crawford criticised the People’s National Party-led Manchester Municipal Corporation for not addressing congestion in Mandeville over the years.

“For years dem sit down in the parish council term after term, and they see the traffic congestion and dem nuh do nutten about it,” she said.

She pointed to the August 2021 announcement by minister with responsibility for works Everald Warmington regarding the traffic management system, for which she said she had lobbied.

“This traffic management system, it is not just about changing lanes and putting up new signalised lights; drain systems are [also] being fixed. You remember when rain used to fall, [and] at Ward Avenue — in front of Scotiabank across from Fesco — used to flood out? You notice it nuh flood again? Under this system we have seen to the installation of a new drainage system,” said Crawford.