Mayberry empowers young minds

WITH its dedication to the advancement of Jamaica’s communities, Mayberry Investments Limited was excited to participate in Winsome Wishes for Kids’ (WWKids) Read Across Jamaica Day.

This sponsorship, in the form of volunteer hours, facilitated Mayberry representatives in engaging reading sessions with primary school students to promote literacy and foster a love for reading, with impressive results.

From May 1 to May 2, Mayberry representatives read age-appropriate books to students in five selected schools across Jamaica — Vaz Prep, Rollington Town Primary School, St Theresa Prep School, Windward Road Primary, and Unity Prep School. Each session lasted between 20 and 30 minutes.

“The emphasis on enhancing literacy through this noble endeavour is in line with our vision of a more prosperous Jamaica,” said Brian Munroe, investment advisor of Mayberry Investments Limited. “We believe that cultivating a love for reading is a vital component in empowering young Jamaicans with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed in the future.”

WWKids, a non-profit organisation dedicated to the betterment of Jamaican youth, expressed gratitude for Mayberry’s partnership in the Read Across Jamaica Initiative and highlighted the impact that initiatives like these have on the literacy levels of Jamaican youth.

“Reading aloud impacts and stimulates the students’ senses, such as visual, auditory, and olfactory senses, which are all enhanced. In the instances that they are further engaged in question-and-answer segments, this allows them to improve their comprehension skills, focus, and concentration in an abstract manner.

“Mayberry’s participation in our efforts to promote literacy among Jamaica’s youth is truly appreciated, and they are showing the children of Jamaica that they are serious and stand steadfast in their commitment to securing the future of Jamaica. Their unwavering support for youth development and education makes them a valuable ally in our mission,” said Geraldine Reid, WWKids liaison in Jamaica.

Justin Williams, a WWKids peer-to-peer reader from Kingston College, also expressed the significance of initiatives like Read Across Jamaica in improving the literacy levels of Jamaican youth.

“Mayberry’s participation can contribute significantly to this goal by providing resources and support, raising awareness, and demonstrating a commitment to social responsibility,” said Williams.