Mayor wants ‘Furr Wi A Come From’ to be annual event

FALMOUTH, TRELAWNY — Mayor Colin Gager is hoping that the ‘Furr Wi A Come From’ cultural extravaganza held in Falmouth on Wednesday will become an annual event enjoyed by locals and visitors to the country.

Held at Falmouth’s historic Water Square, the event was attended by those eager to celebrate Jamaica’s rich and diverse history and culture.

“It has great potential for tourism, our culture on display in this manner. The food, the history, it says a lot not only about the parish, but also our country as well,” said Gager, who noted that he had seen a few tourists at the event.

Two cruise ships were docked at the Falmouth Port on the day of the event and passengers were seen exploring the town.

“Our tourism is growing, but more can be done to attract those visitors. Looking at what I see on display and what the town stands for, being a historic town, this could mean more visitors,” said Gager.

He said the inaugural event had turned out better than expected.

“We did not expect to have this sort of support. I believe that this will have to be a yearly thing, where we can all come out and display and, of course, other people can get involved,” the mayor said after a tour of displays.

More than 20 booths were on show in the town centre, providing snapshots of the past. The event was co-organised by the municipal corporation and the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) as part of Heritage Week celebrations.

Both private and public entities came together to showcase aspects of Jamaican culture such as food, work life and music.

“We are still observing Jamaica 60 and I asked agencies to come and display items that would depict the journey of your agency,” explained manager of the JCDC office in Trelawny and lead organiser, Beverly Stewart.

“A lot of seniors have come out and it was like a reminiscent moment for them,” she added.

Students also attended and benefited from an opportunity to learn about the history and work being done by the Jamaica Fire Brigade, the Jamaica Constabulary Force, the Jamaica Defence Force, the 4H Club, the National Works Agency, and more.

Trelawny Custos Hugh Gentles was also among those in attendance.

“Our heritage is the foundation of who we are. It’s our national identity and it is important that we treasure it for ourselves and future generations of Jamaicans,” he told those gathered on Wednesday.

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