Mayor warns against heavy Sunday work on building sites

KINGSTON Mayor Delroy Williams says that ‘Sunday work’ continues to be a major issue in the Corporate Area, as a lot of construction work continues to take place on the day.

In a message to Tuesday’s monthly meeting of the Kingston and St Andrew Municipal Corporation (KSAMC), Councillor Williams noted that residents have been complaining to the corporation about heavy construction work taking place on Sundays.

“I, the city engineer, members of the municipal department, and the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) have all been visiting the municipalities on Sundays to observe developments as it relates to construction,” he said in message to councillors attending the corporation’s monthly meeting at Church Street.

He admitted that there are special circumstances where the laws allow permission to be granted by the chief city engineer, and those circumstances are usually taken into consideration when granting permits. However, he said that appeals are being made to the developers for persons to desist from carrying out construction work on Sundays.

“Many residents have complained that it disturbs their peace while at home on a Sunday. The law may think that it is reasonable because work is allowed six days per week, and not on this one day, but it is a balance in the law. You have to balance situations.

“It is far easier for the municipality when people cooperate. It is less expensive on us, it is less expensive on our resources, but if you do not abide by the law then the municipality has no choice but to enforce the law,” the mayor said.

He added that the KSAMC will cooperate with the Jamaica Constabulary Force in enforcing this law, for the simple reason that it is the law.

“We have been receiving numerous complaints from residents across the municipality. We have to protect the residents and their rights. There are always competing interests in a society, and part of lawmaking is to balance them in the interest of the society. This can be a difficult task at time for lawmakers but it is something that needs to be done,” he concluded.