Mediation not an option for wounding case

A case before the St James Parish Court had to be rescheduled for October after the complainant rejected an offer to settle the matter through mediation.

The complainant is reportedly the victim of a stabbing incident which occurred on July 5.

The accused, Jordaine Campbell, who is charged with unlawful wounding, appeared before the court on Wednesday.

According to court documents, on the day in question, Campbell was building a barbed wire fence when the complainant removed the mixture he used in the construction. Campbell then pushed the complainant, who continued to remove the barbed wire fence. Campbell then ran to his house, armed himself with a knife, returned to where the complainant was, and stabbed him four times to various parts of his body.

After the allegations were outlined, presiding judge Sasha-Marie Smith-Ashley explained the mediation process to the complainant and asked if he was willing to try that forum, which he declined.

The court had no choice but to place the matter on the trial list, but the medical certificate that will be required as an exhibit is not available.

The case was subsequently set for mention on October 2 and Campbell’s bail was extended.

He is represented by attorney-at-law Henry McCurdy.