Michel Ferrol and Madeline Albertine Ferrol of Paix bouche celebrate 64 years of marriage

Today we celebrate the marriage of 86 years old Michel Ferrol and 85 years old Madeline Albertine Lambert Ferrol, affectionately known as Daddy Shelly and Ma Botine respectively. They are the only surviving couple of a group of 5 couples in Paix-Bouche that got married in 1959.

Albertine Lambert and Michel Ferrol exchanged their vows of marriage on May 5, 1959, following a courtship of 4 years. Today it is seen that this bears testimony to the fact that marriage can endure the test of time where there is love, forgiveness, commitment and biblical virtues.

Their love brought forth 9 children. 8 boys and 1 girl. That same love sustained them when they lost one of their sons earlier in their marriage.

Albertine Ferrol like the woman of Proverbs 31 knew no idle time. She fit in the role of housewife, mother and helpmate to her husband, working hard in the heights of Paix-Bouche in the cultivation of different crops including bananas.

Being a provider Michel Ferrol eventually had to leave the cultivation of crops in Dominica and go to Trinidad for a few years. In Trinidad Michel Ferrol, a few of the men he grew up with work the land to earn an income to make provisions back home.

With both doing their part they were able to generate enough earnings for a decent home, providing for their children’s education and their livelihood.

Like all couples, they had their fights following which Albertine Ferrol would run to her parents, deceased Elgiver and Alberto Lambert ‘s home. But she never stayed away for one night and on her return, her husband would apologise and kiss her.

Michel Ferrol, the village ‘sacaboy’, as suggested in his other nickname, ‘Jaypa’, brags about his admiration for beautiful women especially the Indian girls in Trinidad. However, he never lost his love for his wife. Although he was often tempted, he feared that his actions would make him lose the love of his life he would call ‘Madam Blanc’ when he was being playful.

About 30 years into their marriage Michel Ferrol suffered a stroke which affected his mobility and the use of one arm. This was a blow to his livelihood as he was no longer able to work or socialize in the village. But with the loving care and support of his wife, he was able to recover some functions and remain optimistic, pleasant and happy, accepting his challenges. At no time was there evidence of self-pity, neither did he fail in his duties as a husband and father.

 About 59 Years into their marriage Albertine Ferrol had health complications that caused her to need constant care away from her husband for some weeks. While she recovered, he called her every day to ensure she was getting better and waited patiently for her return by his side. Although she was not as strong as before her loving wife role continued when she returned by doing the little that she could.

Despite their challenges and her husband ‘s weaknesses Albertine Ferrol never once felt the desire to leave her marriage. The love she had for him with the love he gave back made forgiveness and patience needed to remain committed and contented together.

Their words they would always say were “We never stay vex for long non, nou deux la jick appwesan” (two of us there up till now.)

Emonews wishes the Ferrol well. Congratulations!!

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