Miller fatal stabbing

A  30-year-old man lost his life in a stabbing incident on Constitution Road, St Michael, yesterday morning.

Police reported that Antonio Miller, of Carrington Village, St Michael, was returning home from his girlfriend’s residence when an assailant attacked him and fled on a Route 6 Bush Hall minibus.

Acting communications and public affairs officer of the Barbados Police Service, Inspector Stephen Griffith said Miller passed away at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

He had worked in the Government’s ash cleaning and emergency employment programme.

“[Yesterday] morning around 6:55 a.m., police received a report of a stabbing incident in the area of Queen’s Park and Queen Elizabeth Hospital’s playing field. Police officers responded and saw a young man who was injured. He was immediately transported to the hospital

by ambulance,” Griffith reported.

He called for young boys to solve disagreements verbally to avoid fatal outcomes.

“We are very sorry for what has happened, especially with the way that many things are happening in this country. We want young people to do more dialogue, rather than find themselves in situations where it has to come to a tragic end,” he said.

The victim’s distraught mother, Jessica Miller, could only say “I don’t know how to feel” before being consoled by a number of people who visited her home in Carrington Village to offer their support.

A woman who lives near where the incident occurred blamed hangout spots nearby for the brewing conflicts. (RT)