More support for St Monica’s Home for the abandoned elderly

THIS simple yet profound philosophy of “It is often said that the accurate measurement of any society is how it treats its most vulnerable” is what the Desnoes and Geddes (D&G) Foundation says drives its efforts to support and empower Jamaica’s youth and the elderly.

As part of that commitment, the D&G Foundation recently strengthened its partnership with St Monica’s Home for the Abandoned Elderly in St Catherine with a donation of $500,000 in personal care and food items for the facility’s 24 residents.

The D&G Foundation first partnered with St Monica’s in 2021 after identifying an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution. The institution’s manager, Hermine Bascoe, expressed gratitude for the continued partnership which she asserts has had a significant impact on the residents.

“We are grateful to the D&G Foundation for its ongoing support but even more so for the warmth and care we can always count on from them. The residents and staff have seen differences in their lives since they came on board.

“Most people don’t think about something as simple as the availability of adult diapers. However, for an older person, it is essential to your comfort and dignity, but providing an adequate supply can put financial stress on a home. Therefore, to have that and other needs covered by the foundation frees up funds to address other areas of life for residents,” said Bascoe.

Through the partnership with the D&G Foundation, St Monica’s receives 110 cases of adult diapers every two to three months. The foundation also donates food items including chicken meat, beverages and other supplies.

“The needs of the St Monica’s Home are significant, so what we provide adds nutritional value to the elderly, who are often forgotten. Our support is fully aligned with the ethos of the foundation, which is to enrich lives and impact communities.

“But beyond that, as a team, it really gives you a great sense of fulfilment to know you can provide help where it’s needed most,” said D&G Foundation accountant Dennis Beckford.

The home hosts residents from various communities within and outside of St Catherine and faced with a growing demand, the facility’s manager says they often have to make tough decisions.

“Although we try to accommodate everyone who shows up at our doorsteps, we have to ensure that we leave room for the growing numbers within our community who have no home or family to care for them.

“Donors like the D&G Foundation are important to our continued success. By relieving us of some of the financial burden of operations, we can focus on providing outstanding care for our residents,” said Bascoe.

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