Murders down but other serious crimes up in Portland

PORT ANTONIO, Portland — The police have reported an increase in serious and violent crimes in Portland so far this year, however, murders are down.

Crimes that have seen an increase include break-ins, which are up by seven for a total of 18, compared to 11 last year. There have been seven robberies so far this year as opposed to one for the comparative period last year, and there have been three shootings compared to two, superintendent in charge of the Portland Division, Lloyd Darby told last Thursday’s monthly meeting of the parish’s municipal corporation.

At the same time, crimes that have shown a reduction in the numbers include murder. There have been three so far, compared to four for the same period last year.

“For aggravated assault we have two, compared to three; rape and larceny show equal figures — five for each year for rape and one for each year for larceny.

Break-ins and the robberies are the crimes that give us the largest margins of increase and they are the crimes that we are concentrating on,” said Darby.

Also among the areas of concern, he said, was the killing of two mentally challenged persons, noting that since 2020 seven people with mental challenges were killed in the parish.