Nation team joins Clean Up Barbados exercise

The Nation Publishing Company partnered with the Future Centre Trust this morning in the annual Clean Up Barbados exercise.

It was part of the company’s Greening Initiatives campaign and saw 40 staff members exchange their Nation-branded uniforms for green branded shirts and the tools of their job for gloves, rakes and wheelbarrows as they tackled an illegal dumpsite at Jackson, St Michael.

They were joined by students and tutors from the Barbados Community College and members of the Kiwanis as they hauled out fridges, mattresses, chicken carcasses and household waste.

Circulation manager at the Nation and site supervisor Adrian Bowen is pleading with Barbadians to make use of legal avenues to dispose of their waste.

He also suggests that cameras can be installed to help catch and punish illegal dumpers.

“One of the things I was saying is that these illegal dump areas need some kind of surveillance where we can record when persons come and they dump. We get their registration number, we track it through the police and we fine them,” he said. (HLE)

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