NCB Foundation funds digital boost at Manchester High

MANDEVILLE, Manchester — Students and teachers at Manchester High are set to benefit from increased access to digital learning following a donation from the NCB Foundation of $805,000 towards the upgrading of the school’s Internet network.

Principal of Manchester High Jasford Gabriel, in expressing gratitude, said the school’s connectivity will support its population of 1,820 students and 98 staff.

“…We are happy to be receiving from NCB [a] contribution that will make sure technological services continue to improve, because we are seeking to acquire a router [that is] very expensive…It will ensure that we stay connected as a school community, that we empower our students, teachers and all our stakeholders and to make sure that our learning experience is more meaningful for all our students,” he said while addressing a handing-over ceremony at Manchester High on Wednesday.

Septimus “Bob” Blake, chief executive officer at the National Commercial Bank (NCB), said emphasis is now being placed on digital transformation.

“The [NCB] foundation since its inception has contributed about $2 billion for various needs across the island. In particular, education… has benefited to the tune of a billion dollars,” said Blake.

“…Since early 2020, we have put some emphasis on [going] digital and we believe that we should play our part. We have a key role in ensuring that we pioneer the move into a digital economy for Jamaica. A digital economy has significant benefits for our society and we believe that our role as a key stakeholder is important,” he added.

He said that digital skills are in high demand.

“Empowering young people to take advantage of this demand to earn a living. Improving financial literacy [and] digital skills, more importantly allowing them to build businesses…” said Blake.

Gabriel said Manchester High being located in close proximity to NCB’s Mandeville Branch on Perth Road has been beneficial to both institutions.

“Manchester High School continues to share a wonderful partnership with NCB, it is not by chance that we are in such close proximity, because we have benefited mutually over the years in very significant ways,” he said.

— Kasey Williams

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