Negril approves Dinner In The Sky

NEGRIL, Westmoreland — Dinner In The Sky, Jamaica, an in-air dining concept that has never before been offered in the Caribbean, has been given the green light to operate in Negril.

Diners will enjoy meals from tables and seats affixed to a platform suspended high in the sky by a crane.

The Westmoreland Municipal Corporation last month approved plans submitted by Ksloir In The Sky, which plans to create the facility at a property on Negril’s west end.

The company’s website has indicated that 22 diners will be lifted up to 45 metres high to enjoy a delicious gourmet menu, unlimited premium drinks, a spectacular view, and a virtual reality theme park experience.

News of the development was quickly welcomed by stakeholders in Negril.

“The chamber welcomes all new businesses — and especially if it’s something different in the Negril space, we welcome it wholeheartedly,” stated the business group’s Elaine Allen Bradley.

She envisions that the enterprise will do well with both locals and visitors.

“I think the general Jamaican public, they underestimate Negril. Negril has a lot of expats living here — I am one of them, for example — and we like to try new things and new vendors. We know that a lot of locals will go to experience this new venture,” Allen Bradley told the Jamaica Observer.

She also anticipates that clients will travel to Negril from other sections of the country.

“When we do get [the Negril International] Airport you’ll get people flying down from Kingston to come and sample this Dining In The Sky… When we do get new ventures we will get a lot of people from all over coming to sample it — and that’s a good thing for Negril,” she added.

Unwilling to speculate on the viability of the planned business venture, Allen Bradley still encouraged principals to go ahead.

“The longevity we cannot foresee, but for right now, I think it’s a good boost and injection for Negril,” she stated.

“I would like to encourage them: ‘Don’t be daunted, go for it.’ The chamber is behind them, and I encourage them to be part of the Negril Chamber of Commerce,” she added.

Allen Bradley confirmed that a company representative had been expected to brief the chamber in August but that meeting fell through.

“They don’t have to give us a presentation, but we would love them, as a new business coming in, to be part of the Negril Chamber. We are here to help businesses and develop community engagement and so the chamber is ready and waiting for this new concept and for their presentation to the chamber audience,” stated Allen Bradley.

Mayor of Savanna-la-Mar Bertel Moore, in whose division the proposed location for the business falls, has also welcomed the venture.

“I have seen similar things to that abroad. I know they are fairly safe, and I think it is a good idea that will attract both local and tourists to Negril,” stated Moore.

The company’s website said the all-inclusive sky-dining attraction experience will operate seven days per week.

According to the website, Dinner In The Sky began in Belgium in 2006 and currently operates in more than 66 countries on five continents. Operations are said to span Europe, Australia, Japan, Dubai, South Africa, Brazil, the United States, Mexico, Canada, China, and many more.

Its marketing material indicates that Dinner In The Sky restaurants were ranked among the top 10 most unusual eateries in the world by Forbes magazine and offers the most high-end dining experience in the world.