No national shut down

Barbados remains open for business even as the tropical weather system is upgraded to Hurricane Tammy.

Director of the Barbados Meteorological Services (MET Office), Sabu Best, said the weather system posed no direct threat to the island, even though a tropical storm watch remains in effect.

He said that Barbados should start to feel the effects of feeder bands from Hurricane Tammy later today as the system passes to the north of the island.

Best explained that Barbados remains under a tropical storm watch, given that there is still a possibility of winds near to storm force strength. He also pointed out that in heavy showers there could be wind gusts up to storm force.

“Right now, we are watching feeder bands that are wrapping around the system in the south eastern quadrant which has winds about or just above storm force. As the system moves to the west, north west we expect marginal storm force winds to pass east of the island and then move northward as Hurricane Tammy moves towards the north west.

“That is why we have a storm watch. It is not imminent that we will get storm force winds. We will get gusts with showers that will wrap and come around the system later tonight. But this afternoon a few showers in and out can be expected, and winds should be okay,” the Director said.

However, he urged residents to stay out of the water today and tonight as the seas will remain agitated. He emphasised that although it might not look rough on the west coast there will be very strong currents.

Director of the Department of Emergency Management (DEM), Kerry Hinds, also echoed the calls for people to stay out of the water, and urged residents not to become complacent with the weather system.

“Remember, the situation can change at a moment’s notice, so continue putting your preparations in place,” she said, while urging people to exercise extreme caution as they go about their business.

Hinds said with predictions for heavy rains and possible wind gusts, people should take precautions to prevent, and or avoid flooding and flying debris.

She also urged the public to continue monitoring the DEM, MET Office and Barbados Government Information Service’s pages for updates. (PR)