Officer recalls being pushed twice

Chief Petty Officer Ryan Selby told police he was “pushed” at least twice before a gun he had just retrieved from the graveside was snatched from his hand.

This was contained in one of the statements he gave to police, which was read into evidence in the trial of Akmal Terill Haynes and Alana Nikita Crystal Nervais in the No. 3 Supreme Court yesterday.

Selby’s statement, read by court clerk Charmaine Gaskin, said he had been detailed to escort the Sea Cadets and buglers attending the funeral of former Sea Cadet Adrianna Sobers, who had died in an automobile accident. The interment was at Westbury Cemetery.

Selby said he took up a position at the foot of the grave near the wreaths and it was while the grave was being covered that a cadet officer called out to him, showed him a gun and asked if it was real. (HLE)