On Saturday, June 10th, 2023, 15 young persons were inducted into Junior Chamber International (JCI) Dominica.  

On Saturday, June 10th, 2023, 15 young persons were inducted into Junior Chamber International (JCI) Dominica.  

JCI is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that consists of young people between the ages of 18 and 40 with members in more than 120 countries and territories.  

The organization provide leadership training and development programs that empower young people to create positive change in their communities. 

The names are as follows; Keisha Joseph, Nawana Shillingford, Johannah James, Makayla Theophile, Martel Daniel, Hasan Peter, Aliyah Breedy, Sahra Simon, Daustina Commodore 

Desma Guiste, Marlon James, Doryanne Wilkins, Aurinthia St.Rose, Sheldon Walsh and Jamila Jervier.  

The Recruitment Orientation & Selection (ROS) Committee which was in charge of the new members, main function was to provide mentorship for prospective projects in keeping with the JCI Areas of Opportunity as well as creating an empowering & developmental ROS program that is fun and engaging and forging bonds for greater leadership growth within the organization. 

An orientation session was held in January 2023 with the new class of aspiring leaders to give them an overview of what the ROS program would entail. A welcome kit which included a welcome booklet, JCI T-shirt and other JCI branded paraphernalia was provided to all. 

After which, a meet & greet reception was held with the aim of the prospective members meeting the general membership and board of the organization. 

The ROS Committee executed 10 trainings. These trainings are; Introduction to Social & Emotional Intelligence, JCI History, Project Management, Event Planning, Professionalism, Protocol & Etiquette, JCI Networking, Finance Management, Public Speaking Constitution & Parliamentary Procedures and Effective Leadership.  

These training sessions were all well received by the aspiring leaders, they were engaged and asked questions.  

At the ceremony, held at the PSU building, speeches were given by honorary member Dr. Adis King, chairman of the ROS Committee, senator James Rodney and President Mickael Desbonnes. 

Testimonials were also done by Aurinthia St.Rose and Martel Daniel.  

During St. Rose’s speech she said although she was fearful of joining JCI at first but as time passed St. Rose expressed that bonds were created and now has a family, she “cannot do without”.  

“Most people would call it ‘the journey to the throne’ but I call it ‘my journey to the Blazer’” she said.  

“I started out with a-lot of doubt, a-lot of fear of the unknown but as time passed, bonds were created, right now I have a family I can’t do without. From 5 am calls to vent, nails dates, barbershop dates. For this, JCI I am eternally grateful.” 

She added that the different trainings captured her interest and made her reevaluate different areas of her life; challenging her in different ways. From This I knew I was on the right path. 

“In the words of a dear friend I met in my JCI Dominica circle, I am in the right organization. JCI Dominica we are the best.” 

Martel Daniel also quoted words that was told to him by NVP Senator Meritta Hyacinth which stated “You are not a follower you are a leader and because you are a leader you should go out and lead and be an example.” He said he will carry these words with him throughout his life.  

Meantime, Honorary member, Dr Adis King expressed in her speech that experiences learnt from JCI should be shared with others. 

“Let us not think of developing only ourselves but also think of ways we can help develop each other as we, JCI Dominica members, strive to achieve a greater tomorrow for ourselves, family, friends, neighbors and fellow Jaycee,” she said.  

At the end of the ceremony President of JCI Dominica, Mickael Desbonnes welcomed the new body of members.  

“The JCI body welcomes you to this noble organization and we say that with open arms. Over the past month you all have been challenge to learn, work and develop yourself to be better individuals within the JCI organization, your work place, your community and country.” 

He said although they started their journey to this organization as strangers, they have made lasting partners and friends. 

“Let’s start networking as JCI members,” JCI Dominica President stated. 

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