Operators of illegal garages in Corporate Area under pressure

MUNICIPAL police in Kingston and St Andrew have been criticised by the public as they seek to dismantle illegal garages in the Corporate Area, in collaboration with the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF).

Dwayne Anderson, commandant of the municipal police in Kingston and St Andrew, said, however, that his team will continue to partner with numerous police divisions, namely St Andrew Central, St Andrew North and St Andrew South to put a stop to the operation of illegal motor vehicle repair garages.

A number of these garages operate on the side of streets.

“Since last week we seized over 100 motor vehicles of all different sizes. A lot of rats and debris are under these vehicles. Whilst conducting these operations we encounter a lot of interference and challenges where people normally try to prevent us from removing these vehicles. We are, however, relentless and we endeavour to ensure that the Kingston and St Andrew municipality will be a place for everyone to go about their business freely and not be impeded,” he said.

He warned that his team will continue to go after the operators of these illegal garages which he said are used at times to park motor vehicles involved in criminal activities.

Also, he said that the garages tend to harbour rodents.

He added: “What we have recognised, based on reports we have received, is that vehicles parked in certain areas are used for criminal activities and people are abducted. We have been engaging with the planning department to ensure we close down most of these illegal garages in residential areas. We have to continue this drive to ensure we provide safety for people in these communities. We have been to several areas, like Red Hills Road, Chancery Street, Havendale, Moreton Park, Cassia Park, and Denham Town, just to name a few.”