PAHO Visits All Saints University

All Saints University, a leading institution in healthcare education, recently welcomed a delegation from the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) for a site visit focused on enhancing Nursing Education to bolster emergency preparedness and immunization efforts in Dominica.

The PAHO Consultants were on a mission to evaluate the university’s nursing programs, curricula, and facilities, with a particular emphasis on their role in strengthening healthcare infrastructure to respond effectively to emergencies and advance immunization initiatives in the region.

The mission conducted an in-country site visits from 5 to 7 March, 2024 to assess the Schools of Nursing on the island.

The mission objectives were mainly to:

Assess the Nursing Program (academic curricula, facilities, and practicum locations), to include Classrooms, Simulation Lab, Library (Textbooks and other learning/didactic materials,), Computer Room, if any (informatics programs, computers and internet access) and teaching hospitals/clinical areas.

Review and assess alignment of the national nursing curricula with the Curriculum for Nursing Education Programme BSc Nursing for CARICOM countries, to strengthen nurses training in the response to COVID-19 and future pandemics.

Key Highlights of the PAHO Visit:

Commitment to Excellence: All Saints University showcased its unwavering commitment to excellence in healthcare education, emphasizing rigorous academic standards and hands-on training.

Facilities: The delegation was impressed by facilities at All Saints University, recognizing the institution’s dedication to providing a conducive learning environment for nursing students.

Curriculum: PAHO applauded the university’s innovative nursing curriculum, designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to address emerging challenges in healthcare, particularly in emergency preparedness and immunization.

“We are honored to have hosted the PAHO delegation and to receive recognition for our efforts in advancing nursing education. At All Saints University, we are dedicated to preparing our students to excel in healthcare, contributing to the overall health and resilience of our community.”

“The positive feedback from PAHO underscores the hard work and commitment of our Executive Management, Academic and Administrative staff. We will continue to innovate and collaborate to ensure our nursing graduates play a vital role in enhancing emergency preparedness and promoting immunization in Dominica.”

Our university remains committed to working closely with PAHO, Government of Dominica in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and other stakeholders to further enhance nursing education and contribute to the overall health infrastructure in Dominica.

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