Patrick King wants his day in court

Social commentator Patrick King wants a trial as he denied contempt charges when he reappeared before Justice Barbara Cooke-Alleyne in the No. 8 Supreme Court yesterday.

He is slated to get one later this month.

King, 55, of Campaign Land, Martindale’s Road, St Michael, was back before the judge after he was hauled before the court two weeks ago after court marshals executed a warrant which had been issued for his arrest when he failed to appear on contempt charges.

King, who was represented by King’s Counsel Michael Lashley, was charged that the words he posted on Facebook and WhatsApp “revealed that he had no regard for the authority of the court and for those duties which were to be executed by the marshals on behalf of the court”, and that “each of [the] statements were calculated to bring the administration of justice into disrepute and scandalise the court”. (HLE)