‘Phased relief’ for St Lucy

The areas of concern remain the same for St Lucy residents – bad roads, brown water, poor public transportation.

But in the same vein these services deteriorated over time, Government would also assess what was priority and fix the issues over time, says Prime Minister Mia Mottley. She was speaking on Monday night at Daryll Jordan Secondary School where officials engaged residents at the St Lucy Speaks town hall meeting.

Residents of St Lucy came out to put their concerns on record during the town hall meeting at Daryll Jordan Secondary School. (Picture by Lennox Devonish)

“St Lucy is a parish with nuff kilometres and nuff people living far apart, and in the circumstances, the cost of the replacement of mains is going to be significantly higher and therefore you are going to prioritise which mains come before which,” the Prime Minister said.

“These mains were put down over decades . . . regrettably, it is going to take time to change them out.”

And in response to a query from a member of the audience about the damaged Pie Corner bridge, Mottley said one made of precast material should be in place by April. (Nation News)

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