Pizza Hut spreads joy to wards of the State slice by slice

IN celebration of the festive season, Pizza Hut Jamaica shared Christmas cheer through specially catered meals and gifts for the wards of three children’s homes in St Andrew and St Catherine.

More than 160 wards and caregivers at the Sunbeam Home for Boys, Annie Dawson Children’s Home and the Nest Children’s Home benefited from the series of festive holiday treats hosted by the quick-service brand.

“Christmas is a very special time for many, and children look forward to receiving gifts and all that the season brings. It is our third year hosting the treat, and it gets better every year. During this period, we focus on spreading love and joy by sharing the gift of delicious pizza to bring a smile to the faces of young ones,” said Pizza Hut’s Marketing Officer Levene Sheriff.

“A key focus for Pizza Hut is providing children with opportunities to excel while creating lasting, positive memories. Youth development is a big part of Pizza Hut’s philanthropic initiatives. While most of our focus is placed on education, it is also important to occasionally provide a treat to lift the spirits.

“Pizza Hut recognises the importance of Christmas to kids, and it is gratifying to see the smile on the children’s faces when their wishes are granted. The responses have been fantastic, and we are happy to see them happy,” Sheriff added.

While noting the challenges of being a ward of the State, director at the Sunbeam Home for Boys Desmond Whitely said, “Christmas can be a difficult and unsettling time for the vulnerable young people in our care. Being away from their families, especially for Christmas can dampen the spirit of children so any attempt to mitigate that effect is a positive one. Therefore, treats like the one Pizza Hut hosted can go a long way in helping to uplift the children and bring joy in the holiday period.”

In the meantime, Captain Keith Haughton of the Nest Children’s Home noted that it has been more than a year since the children had the opportunity to reconnect with the Pizza Hut team.

“Pizza Hut came at an appropriate time. The children were happy. We are grateful for Pizza Hut to visit and bring so much joy to them. It is something of great appreciation,” said Haughton.

The atmosphere at the treats was filled with pure as staff and children expressed gratitude for the Christmas activities.

“Today allowed the children to unwind, relax, clear their minds and be kids. We appreciate Pizza Hut for remembering our children, and it’s another way of saying that someone cares about them,” said Ivaline Nikie, executive director at the Annie Dawson Home for Children.

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