PNP flexes its muscle in SOE shortened meeting in St James Southern

CAMBRIDGE, St James — President of the People’s National Party (PNP) Mark Golding has promised supporters of the party in St James Southern a second visit after a planned spot meeting in Cambridge was short-lived as a result of the state of public emergency (SOE) implemented in the parish on Wednesday morning.

“Comrades, I want to thank you and ask you for your understanding because we are in a particular situation. A state of emergency was declared for the whole parish of St James this morning and I don’t want them to say that we are violating that.

“So, we are just going to end this wonderful day in South St James and say… we will have to come back another time and continue to keep the fire burning but the word is love. Power to the people and victory,” stated Golding whose address to supporters of the party on the roadside in Cambridge followed a tour of the constituency with the party’s caretaker candidate Nekeisha Burchell and others.

The tour, which ended in Cambridge, started in Niagara and continued through the squares of Garlands, Maroon Town, Summer Hill, Welcome Hall, Mafoota, Roehampton, Anchovy, Richmond Hill, and Plantation.

Golding, who spent less than four minutes on the platform, was appreciative of the support he received from the Comrades in the constituency, claiming the “party is coming to gather.”

“I just want to say to each and everyone who was on the tour today, thank you for being there with us. Thank you for your energy. Thank you for your commitment to your party and thank you for being there and seeing that the PNP is coming hard and strong and we are going to take it to them,” said Golding who is obviously in campaign mode.

“I am confident that when the time comes, we will have the St James Municipal Corporation again and we will have South St James in the winning column of the People’s National Party,” added Golding.

Local government elections are constitutionally due by next February and the general election by 2025.

Golding revealed that his maternal grandfather, Dr Logan Levy, was born in Cambridge in 1904.

In the meantime, Burchell, in her less than one minute statement before introducing Golding, took a swipe at the minister of state in the Office of the Prime Minister (West) Homer Davis who is the sitting MP.

“I hear them talking about my parts but there are some parts of St James Southern that need work and the people are tired of the MP and his incompetence as a performer in this seat,” stated Burchell.