Rains, thunderstorms may continue as affected Caribbean islands recover from flash floods

Some islands in the Caribbean affected by the heavy downpour last week may have to brace themselves for more rainy days ahead.

In a recent update by the Eastern Caribbean Weather, moderate to heavy showers have impacted Guadeloupe and Dominica in the last 10 hours. Martinique, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and Barbados have been experiencing rains to a lesser degree.

“There is an enhancement of showers over or near the islands due to mountain effects as well as intermittent lightning,” the Facebook page reported. “The south/base of the upper trough is also enhancing showers isolated thunderstorms over Trinidad and Guyana.”

Eastern Caribbean Weather has also warned that “the risk for flash flooding and landslide events is elevated” until Tuesday because of thunderclouds that appear to move slowly.

Last November 6 and 7, islands in the eastern Caribbean experienced flash floods and landslides that resulted from hours of heavy rains. Damages in islands such as Saint Lucia amounted to millions, while one casualty was reported in Dominica.

Saint Lucia’s National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO) has called for donations to help its people affected by floods. Taiwan responded with a pledge of US$100,000 to Saint Lucia in hopes of speeding up the recovery of the island from the devastating floods.

In Dominica, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit visited the affected communities on the east coast to meet with residents and assess damage in the areas. He went to San Sauveur, Petite Soufriere, and Castle Bruce and gave his sympathies to the bereaved family of the flash flood casualty.

“We will continue to give attention to the situation on the East to bring relief to the affected residents,” he said in his Facebook post.


According to a separate press conference, around 50 to 60 landslides have been reported throughout the island of Dominica.

The island has been striving to build better infrastructure since the devastation of Typhoon Erika in 2015 and Hurricane Maria in 2017.

A massive housing revolution program, fully funded by the country’s Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme, was rolled out.

Developed by MMC Development Ltd, Housing Dominica, to date, has provided more than 2,000 climate-resilient homes to the most vulnerable Dominicans.

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