Red Stripe, marketer team up for mentorship initiative

of the most accomplished people list having the right mentor among their secrets to professional success.

However, finding a suitable mentor can be a challenge, which is why Red Stripe said yes to a partnership with marketer and social impact creator Joel Nomdarkham to launch the Amplified Mentorship Programme. Starting in September, Amplified will pair 20 young marketers and creatives with industry veterans for a dynamic three-month mentorship programme focused on personal and professional development.

More than 50 excited prospective mentees attended the Amplified launch networking mixer at Red Stripe’s Spanish Town Road brewery recently to meet and greet with programme mentors and gain insight from seasoned professionals.

The night’s highlight was the engaging panel discussion hosted by Nomdarkham, a former Kingston College head boy, which featured Red Stripe Communications Manager Tyheissa Williams, Garrick Communications Managing Director Naomi “PR Chick” Garrick, and Digital Marketer Charissa Clemetson. The interactive hour-long forum touched on several salient topics, including personal branding, creating work-life balance, value-added deliverables, and maximising opportunities.

“One of the biggest things for me being in the marketing and creative space is to spotlight and amplify the voice of the next generation, which is why I wanted to bring them together with the pioneers I admire to facilitate an exchange of critical knowledge,” noted Nomdarkham.

“When I set out on this mission, it was essential to partner with brands that have a passion for youth development and are bold and unapologetic about how they amplify voices. Red Stripe ticks all of these boxes, so when they came on board I was delighted to have the support of some of the most experienced marketing professionals. Within the creative community we have many online discussions that don’t always manifest into real-world benefits; this programme puts a lot of those voices in the same room to help foster meaningful linkages,” he continued.

Amplified Mentors are recognised locally and internationally for their professional accomplishments. The august group includes Red Stripe’s Head of Corporate Affairs Dianne Ashton-Smith, Red Stripe Head of Commerce Sean Wallace, GraceKennedy Group Marketing Manager Ayanna Kirton, Red Stripe Brand Manager for Spirits Lyshon Davis, publishing consultant Latoya West-Blackwood, and Red Stripe head of human resources Judon Bowden.

Highlighting the benefits of the programme, Amplified panellist and Red Stripe Communications Manager Tyheissa Williams remarked, “Marketing and content creation have become two of the most important fields in the modern digital economy, and yet there is still such a large knowledge gap among many of our young practitioners when it comes to building lasting and sustainable careers. These days it takes more than just talent to be successful. You have to find a niche that resonates with your gifts and personality, learn how to brand yourself, find opportunities to showcase your unique selling points, and constantly grow and build capacity. By pairing these newcomers with professionals who have helped pave the way for the younger generation, we hope to give them a head start to catalyse their journey to success.”

Participants in the Amplified Mentorship programme will benefit from monthly in-person meetups with mentors and opportunities to join the Red Stripe team to capture content during key brand executions.

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