Red Stripe’s mentorship programme ends in style

In the dynamic realm of business, a company’s enduring growth demands a team of skilled professionals who navigate the ever-changing tides all year round.

That is the driving force behind Red Stripe’s continuous investment in the growth and development of each employee, regardless of level and department. Going beyond traditional teaching styles and transcending the confines of a classroom setting, the company’s annual mentorship programme boasts a cross-functional approach.

Through the initiative, employees are provided with an opportunity to engage in personalised one-on-one sessions with experienced mentoring colleagues, enabling them to learn, evolve, and achieve personal and professional development.

Now assuming his role as Red Stripe Production Manager, Sheldon Sharpe attributes his preparedness for the position to the guidance of his mentor, whose support has been consistent since their initial meeting, even after the official closure of the programme.

“In our first meeting, we carefully mapped out my goals, including my desire for a higher professional rank, and established a clear path to achieve each. Our meetings involved continuously tracking my progress, assessing areas for improvement, and a commitment to applying our private discussions to my daily work,” Sharpe said.

“Our past managing director, Luis Prata, created a supportive environment where I felt encouraged to ask as many questions as possible, especially since I was interested in fostering successful relationships with our stakeholders during my transition from a packaging manager to a production manager. Despite him no longer being at our Spanish Town Road Brewery, we’ve maintained a valuable relationship, and I still reach out to him for guidance, and he assists as best as possible,” Sharpe continued.

The programme lasted 10 consecutive months, achieving improved performance, skills acquisition, connection and promoting a positive and collaborative learning environment through cross-functional relationships.

Red Stripe Strategic Controller Nickisha Roper, who set out to achieve boosted confidence and excellent public speaking skills, also expressed appreciation for the guidance she gained from Head of Commerce Sean Wallace, the opportunities specially created for her to hone those skills, and challenges faced along the way.

“My current role does not necessarily allow me to embrace public speaking engagements, so the programme was the perfect opportunity to grow in that area. I spoke with Sean, and we practised. However, when I was recommended to speak at an event, unfortunately, I shied away from it. Sean and I had an extensive conversation, and he strongly encouraged me to take advantage of as many opportunities moving forward as possible, for our private sessions would not be worth it if I’m not applying the things I’ve learned.”

She continued, “Today, I take advantage of as many public speaking opportunities presented to me, much better than when I first joined, and I’m very proud of myself and what I will achieve next. I’ve realised that developing public speaking skills has been an integral part of my professional growth. It has empowered me to convey my ideas, engage with stakeholders when necessary, effectively, and it has equipped me to achieve even greater things.”

Operating as a process and control improvement manager when he first joined the programme, Emelio Brown strongly desired to venture into the supply chain. Applauding the approach of his mentor, who shared a wealth of information and guided him as best as possible, Emelio now proudly shoulders the responsibilities of customer service and logistics manager. Reflecting on the programme’s profound impact, he remarked, “The success of this programme has been nothing short of remarkable, influencing even other employees to join. I’m delighted by the progress I’ve achieved and eagerly anticipate being a part of this initiative, be it as a mentee or mentor.”

Throughout the year, Red Stripe hosts numerous development programmes through its Employee Development Programme, funding academic pursuits and encouraging employees to identify goals, expectations and development opportunities while actively working towards achieving said goals, growth and self-development.