Relatives of fatal crash victim want answers

WHITEHOUSE, Westmoreland — It has been a month and a half of torment and misery for the Johnson family in Whitehouse, Westmoreland. Their loved one, Allison Johnson, was mowed down as she walked on the streets of the commercial town. The driver of the vehicle has not been charged and they are still waiting to get her body for burial.

The 42-year-old teacher at Brompton Primary School and native of Anchor District in Whitehouse, died on July 16.

Her father, Edmund Johnson is searching for answers.

“Mi wah justice fi har. Mi nuh wah nuh mek up! Mi tek mi time and a rough it out. When di vehicle pass, di speed weh dem pass pan is like yuh deh pan race track,” he said, distraught. “The killer is walking freely.”

The 72-year-old bar operator said the process of retrieving his daughter’s body has been a “slow one”. The police are withholding her body to conduct further tests in Kingston, he told the Jamaica Observer.

On the brink of tears, the deceased’s cousin, Wayne Johnson, graphically describing how she died.

“[Wid] two scandal bag inna har hand like dis, har phone inna har back pocket. And when [the car] reach right deh suh, it pick har up and fling har way dung deh suh,” the irate man said as he pointed at a spot a few feet away.

“When di car come to har enuh, she frighten. Di way she frighten she just… freeze wid di two bag dem inna har hand,” he said.

He is lobbying for a pedestrian crossing to be painted at the spot where his cousin died, convinced it will slow the speed of cars and spare other relatives the pain he is now feeling.

Member of Parliament for Westmoreland Eastern Daniel Lawrence has supported the call. He told the Observer he will be speaking with the relevant authorities to explore the installation of the crossing.

— Kimberley Peddie

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