Restriction on some music for airplay is setting standards

ROBERT Morgan, minister without portfolio in the Office of the Prime Minister with responsibility for information, has reiterated that the Broadcasting Commission’s restriction on the playing of some songs on public radio is not about banning music but setting standards.

He said the entity has a responsibility to manage the country’s free-to-air radio, television, and information portals in a way that “greatly shapes the psychology and perspective of the Jamaican people”.

“This is the standard that the people of the country of Jamaica have set; that is what we want as a society. This is how our society should be framed, how our children should be socialised, and how our radio and television should function,” Morgan said.

He was addressing the Broadcasting Commission’s Strategic and Operational Planning Retreat at Ocean Coral Spring Hotel in Trelawny on Wednesday.

The Broadcasting Commission recently announced a restriction on content transmitted through radio, television, and cable services of any audio or video recording, live song, or speech that promotes and glorifies illicit activities, such as scamming, drug abuse, and gun violence.

Minister Morgan, in supporting the move, noted that the Government or State authority has a responsibility to uphold policies that help to make Jamaica a better place.

The Broadcasting Commission’s Strategic and Operational Planning Retreat ran from from October 18 to 20.

Over the three days the entity’s leadership was engaged in corporate governance training, strategic planning and budgeting, among other focus areas.

Chairman, Professor Lloyd Waller, said the commission is reviewing its own capacity and ability to continue to facilitate positive change in Jamaica.

“We will equip ourselves with the tools, techniques, and strategies that we will need to be able to advance humanity and, in this particular instance, Jamaica. That is the only way that we, as an organisation… in a small developing country, can think about the future,” he said.

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