Robber jailed for 3 months

After robbing a man and beating him up, Kadeem Stephen Shamere Lewis, 30, was sentenced to three months in prison on Thursday by Magistrate Deidre McKenna in the Oistins’ Magistrates’ Court.

Lewis, of Vauxhall Gardens, Christ Church, admitted he was the person who robbed Edgwick Yearwood of a cell phone, two bags and other items totalling $3 905 on September 24.

According to Station Sergeant Wendell Greenidge, Yearwood was walking along Kendal Hill Park in Christ Church, when Lewis and another man approached him. Lewis held a knife and the other man, a scissors.

Lewis pulled a second weapon, a cutting blade, from his waist and put it towards Yearwood’s neck. The complainant fought back but was overpowered by his two assailants, who cuffed him about the body and took his items, before running off.