Sacha Vaccianna Riley PSOJ’s new executive director

Attorney Sacha Vaccianna Riley has been appointed executive director of the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ).

The appointment, which took effect on Monday, September 18, 2023, was announced by PSOJ President Metry Seaga who expressed confidence that she will bring immense value to the organisation and its membership.

“Her multifaceted expertise and leadership skills are exactly what the PSOJ needs to fulfil its mandate of building a vibrant private sector that fosters inclusive and equitable growth. We are all looking forward to working closely with her,” Seaga said in a news release.

Vaccianna Riley possesses a wealth of professional experience spanning more than 15 years, with a significant portion of her career — 10 years — dedicated to serving in senior executive management roles across diverse sectors, notably international trade, the private legal bar, and finance.

“Her expertise lies in regulatory compliance, risk management, and strategic management,” the PSOJ stated in the release, adding that her academic portfolio is equally impressive, featuring a bachelor’s in law from University of London, a BA in French and International Relations from The University of the West Indies, an MBA from Mona School of Business and Management, a Certificate of Legal Education from Norman Manley Law School, and a Master of Philosophy in Public Law and Human Rights from University of the French West Indies, Martinique.

“I am honoured to assume this position and am eager to align my expertise and passion for leadership with the PSOJ’s strategic objectives,” the release quotes Vaccianna Riley.

“This role not only allows me to contribute meaningfully to Jamaica’s socio-economic development but also to advocate for and empower our valuable members and partners. I am committed to this new chapter and thank the organisation for the trust invested in me,” she said.

Throughout her career, Vaccianna Riley has been an active member of several corporate boards and associations, including Air Jamaica Legacy Limited, Jamaica Bar Association, Jamaica Co-operative Credit Union League Legal Officers’ Council, Jamaica Co-operative Credit Union League Risk Managers’ Association, Maxfield Park Children’s Home, and Kiwanis Club of New Kingston.

Her language proficiency extends to fluency in French and Spanish, adding an internationalist touch to her skill set.