Sandals South Coast takes ‘EmpowHer’ to New Hope Primary

IN keeping with this year’s International Girl’s Day theme ‘Invest in Girls’ Rights: Our Leadership, Our Well-being’, female team members from Sandals South Coast recently visited the New Hope Primary School to indulge the grade six girls in ‘Girl Talk’.

The initiative, which is a part of the resort’s ‘EmpowHer’ campaign, educated the students in areas such as puberty and self-care during their menstrual cycle. This was led by the resort’s resident nurse, Pashalee Campbell.

Dining etiquette and table manners were shared with the students by Weddings Manager Rita-Lee Johnson, while Front Office Manager Tracy Howell-Monrose shared tips on speech and self-confidence.

The students were also treated to skin and hair care tips by representatives of the resort’s Red Lane Spa, while Social Media Coordinator Michelle Jackson and Photo Shop Supervisor Martina Plummer shared advice on manoeuvring the social media space and self-acceptance behind the camera.

The discussions and demos sought to focus on different ways that, as young women, the students can assert themselves. Topics also included how to have the challenging conversations surrounding the changes in a woman’s body during puberty and ways to build and maintain confidence while these changes are happening.

Grade six student Jordeen Stewart described the session as insightful and said that she appreciated the support from the Sandals South Coast ladies in making the day a special one for her and her schoolmates.

“I enjoyed the various activities. We learned how to set a dinner table, got vital information about puberty and what we can expect while our bodies change. What was most impactful for me was the talk with spa team. They shared how we can take care of our skin and different ways to protect our hair as black girls, and we were able to get massages,” said Stewart.

Vice-principal of the school, Latoya Ruddo, said the initiative was timely and well received by the students.

“I must express gratitude to the Sandals South Coast team. The presenters were able to capture the attention of the girls. They were introduced to many things they were not particularly familiar with and they benefited tremendously. The New Hope Primary family believes in the development of our students and this was a well-needed and welcomed experience,” Ruddo added.