‘Shub dem out!’

MEMBER of Parliament (MP) for St James Southern Homer Davis is calling for his constituents to join the fight against crime in violence-plagued St James by giving up the criminals known to them.

“There are some simple things that you can do to help the process of crime fighting…tell what you know to the police or to someone who you trust. If you have been shielding or know someone who has been shielding criminals, shub dem out! Stop washing the bloody clothes, stop locking [away] the guns on their behalf, stop protecting these criminals because soon and very soon they will turn on you!” he warned.

Davis, who was making his contribution to the State of the Constituency Debate in the House of Representatives on Wednesday lamented that St James Southern, which was once a quiet constituency, has seen several shootings and murders within the last eight or so months, “which [have] robbed families of their main breadwinners”.

“Since the start of this year, up to the 26th of September, there were 26 murders committed in the constituency. In 2021 the constituency saw 18 murders, so we can see the trajectory that the crime is having,” he said.

“These wanton shootings and murders cannot be allowed to continue, and it is my view that enough is enough!” he said.

“As Member of Parliament I am prepared to do everything within the law and within my powers to help the security forces to weed out the criminals from St James Southern,” he declared.

Davis further posited that “unless we have all hands on deck, reading for the same page and line, and the same book, we will continue to be dodged by crime and violence”.

In the meantime, Davis suggested that the Government moves swiftly to assign social workers to police stations. He believes this arrangement will help to prevent domestic situations escalating into murders.

“I have seen where small domestic disputes end up in three [to] six murders. I am not sure that the police have the technical competence and know-how to moderate and to get these factions together so that peace can prevail,” he said.

Davis argued that social workers can and will win the trust of the citizens, especially the youth. Therefore, his suggestion should be taken into serious consideration.

“Social workers are trained to reach youth before they fall into the wrong group of hands. Social workers are not in the business of seeking votes or being popular, and in the case of a MP, and if truth be told, some of us have not been able to gain the trust and confidence of persons,” he said.

Meanwhile, Davis also welcomed the new Firearms (Prohibition, Restriction and Regulation) Act 2022 which has been passed in both Houses of Parliament.

“This piece of legislation will go a far way in curbing gun crimes, and I also want to thank the Opposition for the support given, and I want to urge Jamaicans with illegal guns to take full advantage of the impending gun amnesty once it is announced,” he said.

“Fifteen years behind bars is not a joke; 15 years behind bars is not a bed a rose,” he said in reference to the Bill’s provision that an individual convicted of simple possession of a firearm will face a mandatory minimum sentence of 15 years.

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