Spooked by best friend’s death, woman appeals for help in family feud

BAMBOO, St Ann — Still trying to recover from the brutal murder of her best friend, a St Ann woman is appealing for help to quell a family feud that she fears will leave her and her children dead.

Antoinette Hudson, 38, says she has no faith that her appeals to the police will keep her safe.

“I need to fix this, so if it means that someone should come to my house to interview him and find what is the problem, I need the help,” Hudson told the Jamaica Observer.

The quarrel, according to her, is with her 23-year-old brother Daniel Tracey. He has denied her allegations and has questioned his sister’s sanity. The police have confirmed that he is wanted for assaulting her.

According to Hudson, she is haunted by the triple murder that rocked Free Hill on July 18. Among the dead was her friend, 45-year-old chef Antria Rattary, and her teenage son, Mykah Bonitto. He was Hudson’s Godson. Rattary’s cousin Lawrence Baddal was also slain. The police have yet to identify the killer.

Hudson is viewing the murders as a sign that she should address the ongoing feud with her brother before it escalates.

She provided documents that show a report was made to the Bamboo Police Station on May 22 about an assault occasioning bodily harm. Then on July 9 there was a report made to the police in St Ann’s Bay about a threat received.

“I don’t want to sit around and wait until something happens to me and my children and then nothing comes of it. I need someone to intervene right now because I’m not getting help from the police. I went to the station and told them that since they are not helping I’m going reach out to someone else,” Hudson told the Sunday

However, a constable at the Bamboo Police Station told the Sunday
Observer that Hudson needs to do more.

“Her statement was collected and the individual, Daniel Tracey, is wanted by the police. But Miss Hudson also has a responsibility in assisting the police to arrest the person because the police doesn’t know him. So she would have to be the one to point him out and let us know when and where to find him. We have done all that we can at the moment, but we also need some assistance from her because we have patrolled the area, but we don’t know who to arrest,” said the lawman, who only identified himself as Constable C Bailey.

Hudson was adamant that she has already provided enough information but said she will contact the police as requested.

“I have given them all the details about where he lives and all, so I’m not sure what else is needed. My last visit up there was Wednesday, but nobody said anything to me about needing my assistance. But I will reach out to them and find what else I can assist with,” she told the Sunday
Observer on Friday.

She said she and her two children have had to flee their home in Kimma, Bamboo, and have been living with her friend since August 11.

The ongoing feud, she said, started in 2018 when she decided to do an addition to her mother’s house.

“Ever since I started to make my part of the house everything start going downhill. My brother just started cursing me, saying I’m badmind and I have to move out of the house. I don’t understand where it’s coming from because he is not building or anything like that. He lives in a section of the house that my mother is living so this behaviour I simply don’t understand it,” said Hudson.

She said they argued frequently, and in May of this year things got physical. She had to seek medical attention, she said, after one fracas left her with a dislocated shoulder. She provided a report from an X-ray done on May 24 titled ‘Clinical history: History of physical assault’ that showed she had mild scoliosis.

Hudson also alleged that her 17-year-old daughter and five-year-old son have been physically assaulted and are being threatened and intimidated.

“I saw what happened to my best friend and Godson and I use that as a lesson because it is so easy for someone to take your life these days. I’m stressed and it is resting on me because I have to be thinking about looking somewhere to rent. I can’t stay at my friend house forever,” she said.

“This is extra expense on me when I already built my house, but if I can’t stay there, I need some compensation or something because I built my own section to live in. I can’t just walk away with nothing,” she added.

When contacted Daniel Tracey questioned why his sister reached out the media for help instead of the police. He refused to comment on the allegations she has made.

“Only thing mi have to say is that she needs medical attention,” he said before ending the call.

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