Sprightly centenarian credits the Bible, God for long life

WHEN Eustace Smith was asked to describe how his life has been for the past century, he simply said it was “ordinary”.

But the joy he expressed while sharing his life experiences indicated that it was far more enjoyable.

The sprightly centenarian, who celebrated his milestone on November 18, 2022, reflected on his daily living habits and career as a farmer during a recent phone interview with the Jamaica Observer as he sat on the porch of his house in Carron Hall, St Mary.

“Life has been ordinary. I spent about four years in England and I was a farmer at some point. I would plant banana, cocoa, yam, sweet potatoes to eat. I stopped doing farming about 25 years ago as I can’t use the cutlass and fork anymore. I miss going on the farm. I used to love it very much,” said Smith.

While he doesn’t farm anymore, that didn’t stop his habit of eating healthy food.

“I still eat good; I especially like my callaloo and cabbage, which I used to plant a lot,” he said.

“Even as a youngster there were times when my mother couldn’t even buy half-pound of salt fish, and we had to eat the so-so food or just callaloo,” he added.

Smith was married to Cynthia, who passed away five years ago after suffering from a hip injury. The union produced five children, one of whom has died.

As for his physical health Smith was happy to share that he barely had any aches and pains.

“I have pains from time to time but I am not bedridden. I am not hearing as clearly though, and I am blind in my right eye,” he said, noting that he hardly uses his cane to move around at his house.

When asked what he was looking forward to for the new year Smith said, “Mi have long life right now, so I am looking forward to longer life. I also try to keep away from ignorance and ungodly ways. I learned much about those things from the Bible. Every day I pray to be in God’s kingdom when he comes, because I am looking forward to those days.”

He is also encouraging youngsters to live a righteous life and make good decisions that will benefit them.

“Read the Bible plenty, love God, try to do the best things that will be pleasing to God, and take care of yourself as much as you can. Avoid too much dance and be careful of spending too much of what you are earning,” he said.

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