Sprucing up

SCORES of Kiwanians, Key Clubbers, Circle K’s, and friends descended on Bustamante Hospital for Children on Saturday for a beautification project dubbed Children’s Cheer.

Managing director of Fleetwood Ja Richard Coe made donations of brushes and roller sets for the project, to Lieutenant Governor of Kiwanis Division 23 East Carolyn McDonald-Riley and other members of the division.

Children’s Cheer is Division 23 East Kiwanis’ one-day project, a day when Kiwanians worldwide are encouraged to work on an impactful major project within a community.

The beautification project involved painting of the gate at the main entrance of the hospital, and painting curbs, parking spaces, main front columns of the building, and changing drapes on the wards.

Here are some highlights from the activities.

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