St James High wants off shift system

THE leadership of St James High School in Montego Bay is again calling on the authorities to assist the institution to change from the shift system mode of operation.

The appeal came on Monday, the first day of the new school year, when Principal Joseph Williams, in an interview with the Jamaica Observer, made known the desire of the institution.

“We have been calling on the Government to come and join with us. We have heard yes before but we have not seen any real action,” he said. “No other school — neither primary or infant or high school — is still on that system; it is the only school in the parish that is still on shift.”

He says the school has what is needed to facilitate the move and is looking forward to the day when the change is effected.

“From before now we have the plan drawn, we have the area earmarked. We have almost completed a new play field so the play field that we had before, that is where we intend to put up 30 classrooms with labs and offices and an auditorium to get the school off shift,” he disclosed.

His comments came as the school celebrated its 62nd anniversary with an event that was held at Calvary Baptist church.

He further made an appeal to those who can help to step in and make the move a reality for St James High.

“We just need the Government and other stakeholders to join with us because we know it can be done. With contributions it can be done and it’s going to be done — it’s just a matter of when,” he stated.

He added: “It’s the same exam we have to do like everybody else but we have less time to prepare, and it affects our social and cultural activities and even sports are affected. Clubs and societies are affected also, not just academics.”

He maintained that the school has made significant strides over the years to the point where he believes the institution is now one of choice for individuals in and outside the parish.