St Mary honours its own

PORT MARIA, St Mary — Josephine Lynch, who has dedicated 40 years to educating the children of St Mary, was among seven individuals and entities singled out for recognition at the parish level during this year’s Heritage Week celebrations.

Lynch was lauded for the impact she has made at Castleton Primary and Junior high. In addition to her teaching duties, she developed a reading lab which has been credited with getting students interested in books and produced a Spelling Bee champion for the parish who later went on to place third nationally.

“It is indeed an honour to be recognised. I believe that we should scatter roses when we are alive,” said a proud Lynch.

During the ceremony Lola Mason, a former home economics teacher at the then Brimmer Vale High School (now Wycliffe Martin High) was also lauded. She spent more than 30 years in the classroom and impressed many by making uniforms which she provided, free of cost, to needy students. She was recognised for her work in education and the community service she has provided.

Claudine Ann Marie Gordon was also honoured for her work in the field of education, while Donna Marie Prehay and Ivy Grant were lauded for their service to the community, Barbara Lewey for her involvement in the community and the Red Cross was recognised for its work with Haitian refugees who were temporarily housed in Robin’s Bay.

Mayor of Port Maria Richard Creary spoke of his hopes for next year’s celebrations. He wants to see an eighth national hero.

”We have lobbied for the recognition of Tacky as one of our heroes where strides have been made with the recognition of a Chief Tacky Day,” he said.

The mayor also spoke of the work Derrick “Black X” Robinson has done on the issue.

“Black X has championed the cause…He was looked at as the mad Rasta that walked from St Mary to Kingston for his cause,” Creary added.

He promised that Robinson would be recognised as one of St Mary stalwarts during Heroes’ Day celebrations in 2024.