Students’ Christian Fellowship to use NLPB funds for devotion initiative

Students’ Christian Fellowship and Scripture Union (SCFSU), which is this year’s beneficiary of the National Leadership Prayer Breakfast (NLPB), will be embarking on a devotion transformational initiative, through proceeds received from the event.

Acting general secretary for SCFSU Paul Lewis said the initiative, called ‘Devotion to National Transformation’, will aid in improving the school environment with social and spiritual development.

“As we can affirm, the schools are in a space that is less than ideal but we do see devotion as a space where most students gather daily and so we think that we can improve on this space and especially since Inter-schools Christian Fellowship (ISCF) is there, it can create a sustainable kind of impact, so it’s not just to come in the morning and move on but we are there to continue it,” Lewis told the Jamaica Observer at 43rd annual National Prayer Breakfast on Thursday.

According to Lewis, key people will be trained and resources will be provided to support the execution of the programme.

“I think it can make a big difference. The plan is not for it [to] be restricted to just devotions but as a catalyst for it to be something bigger because we have groups in over 200 schools. The aim is that the school with groups — once the impact is made, we funnel them over into ISCF and then we continue the impact with existing means to engage,” said Lewis.

He added that through the programme, a special focus will be placed on managing conflicts among youngsters.

“This seems to be a very recurring issue – if somebody has an issue they resort to stabbing, physical means of recourse. So, what we want to be able to do is to use Bible-based values of forgiveness, integrity, peace. These were always values I think society had, but what we want to do is to come back to a place where it is reinforced and pushed and we do think it will work,” he said.

Last year, the Clifton Boys’ Home received an academic boost through proceeds of NLPB.

— Brittny Hutchinson

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