Sutherland gives update on old Government buildings

Government has earmarked some buildings for refurbishment and others to be redeveloped.

Minister of Housing, Lands and Maintenance Dwight Sutherland said the project has already begun.

“Government is underway with its rejuvenation of state properties project where the office building at Vaucluse [St Thomas] was retrofitted, the Welfare building on Country Road was completely renovated and the Gate House building at the former Barbados Water Authority (BWA) headquarters was renovated and is now occupied by the Building Standards Authority and Barbados Licensing Authority,” he said in a statement.

Sutherland said the former British American Insurance Company (Barbados) Limited building at Magazine Lane, The City, was about 70 per cent completed, and Block C, home of the Planning and Development Department (Garrison, St Michael) was about 75 per cent completed. He said the former Ministry of Trade and Commerce building on Reef Road, St Michael, and the former warehouse building at the former BWA headquarters were also to be renovated and occupied “in the immediate future”. (CA)