The Bahamas Judiciary and CAJS to modernise court services

The Bahamas Judiciary and the Caribbean Agency for Justice Solutions (CAJS) are working together to transform the administration of justice in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. The two organizations have agreed to collaborate on technical and development programs aimed at modernizing court administration systems and building local capacity to provide improved justice services in The Bahamas.

The Judiciary and the CAJS will collaborate on initiatives related to the adoption and optimization of court technologies, court service innovation, technical and procedural training, and public awareness campaigns under the Digital Transformation and Development Cooperation Agreement.

“We are extremely pleased to be working with the CAJS to improve and strengthen our Court administration systems, given its reputation and track record,” said the Honorable Chief Justice of The Bahamas, Sir Ian Winder.

“This agreement provides the Judiciary with an experienced and proven regional partner in CAJS as well as access to their pioneering Curia court management technology. This will help to accelerate our efforts to improve the administration of justice in the Bahamas and position us to provide the public with efficient, effective, and timely justice services.”

“We are excited to work with the judiciary and the government of The Bahamas to further our collective goal of providing justice solutions for all,” said CAJS Executive Director Bevil Wooding. “Our approach will centre on strengthening the court’s human resource capacity and upgrading its technology systems in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its operations, as well as the quality of services provided to its users.”

The agreement marks a new phase in the CAJS’s long-term partnership with The Bahamas, with the goal of improving the country’s justice administration for the benefit of all citizens and residents.

The Caribbean Agency for Justice Solutions is a regional organization that specializes in providing technical assistance, training, and support for the Caribbean’s justice systems’ strengthening and modernization. To promote the rule of law and access to justice in the region, the agency collaborates closely with governments, regional organizations, and other partners.

Use of artificial intelligence in Caribbean Courts

At a judicial training workshop given by the Honorable Chief Legal of The Bahamas, Sir Ian Winder, prominent Bahamian judges discussed the effects of AI on the Caribbean justice system. Bevil Wooding, Executive Director of the Caribbean Agency for Justice Solutions (CAJS), gave a thought-provoking speech on how AI is being used in courts and its potential benefits and threats to Caribbean judiciaries.

“As judicial officers, we must continue to educate ourselves on the fast-expanding world of technology, particularly as it relates to the justice system,” stated Winder. I encourage my colleagues to continue learning about AI after Wooding’s lecture.

Wooding noted some AI justice trends. AI raises ethical and legal challenges for practitioners and society.

“It is vital that we not only understand the impact of AI on courts and more widely on the legal profession, but also seek to educate all stakeholders and build capacity within the community on this topic,” stated Wooding. “Only awareness and understanding can guarantee ethical and beneficial AI use.”

The talk at the Paul Farquharson Centre in Nassau was well-received, with several attendees interested in researching AI applications in the court.

Winder praised Wooding for his insights and commended the CAJS for developing culturally relevant AI solutions.

The Caribbean Agency for Justice Solutions uses technology and education to improve access to justice, justice service quality, and institutional and human capability.

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