The Little Gem presents newly elected PTA Executive

The PTA Motto is a clear representation of their commitment because it compliments the school’s impactful motto which is “Gently Educating Minds , Striving for Excellence. Here is the newly elected PTA Executive :

Mrs.Maydinia Defoe -Principal

Mrs.Ivonia Isles -Acting Principal

Ms.Samine Darroux

Teacher Representative

Ms.Yvette Charles -Executive President

Mrs.Kathleen Cornelius Vice President

Ms.Franciane Bernard -Parent Representative (1st Year )

Ms.Aaliyah Anthony -Parent Representative (2nd Year)

Mrs.Theresa Dejean -Parent Representative(3rd Year)

Mr. Danis Bastien

Haitian Parent Representative

Ms.Michelle Marshall -Director of Fundraising

Director of Visual and Creative Arts

Mr. Osbert Bannis

Maintenance Specialist

Mrs .Kathleen Cornelius highlighted the importance of implimententing the use of Google

Classroom .She had the privilege of demonstrating how Google Classroom works .She

encouraged parents to get familiarized with it because we are living in the world of technology .

Ms .Michelle Marshall , the Director of Fundraising made an impactful presentation on the

importance of fundraising .When it comes to fundraising, we can all agree that it is essential

when dealing with schools,especially privately owned schools.

Obtaining money takes the fundraising Oscar. By organizing and executing successful

fundraising activities, we are able to gain the resources we need to achieve the school’s goals.

For the past term, we saw the number of activities that took place and it was somewhat

burdensome for many including myself. By doing fundraising, we can assist with supplementing

the school’s budget for things like field trips, parties/events, and facility upgrades.

One of the goals we are trying to accomplish through fundraising is the enhancement of the

school’s outlook. The tires are to be replaced and repainted, to enhance the school overall

outlook .We are in dire need for the school’s playground enhancement since playing is essential

at their developmental stages.

To assist with doing so, we have outlined three (3) important fundraising activities planned for

the month of February .

:Valentine’s Day Cake Sale

:Donation Sheet

:Super Sale

The PTA Executive President assured the parent body that her team is committed to bringing

honor and great success to the Little Gem Preparatory .One of their many goals is to continue to

promote Parental Involvement as the formula for great success in every aspect of the children’s

lives .

Ms .Shola Carlisle , Public Relations Officer said that this term and beyond , we are committed

to serving the Little Gem Preparatory with distinction .We clearly understand the significant role

the PTA plays so we will capitalize on it’s tremendous benefits .We will continue to play our

parts in ensuring that all of our precious little gems are given the equal opportunity to shine

brilliantly in every aspects of their lives.

Ms Tana Valmond Creative and Visual Arts Director(DGS 2021Top Scholar) joins with The

Principal , PTA President , Vice President , Second Year Parent Representative, Treasurer and

Secretary in wishing the Dominica Grammar School tremendous success in celebrating their

130 Years Anniversary .

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