Triple murder leaves Dunkirk residents in fear

A triple murder on Monday morning, and the shooting and injury of a fourth individual, have left many residents of Dunkirk in Kingston Eastern Police Division reeling from fear as they anticipate a possible rise in violence.

The incident took place on Bray Street around 10:00 am.

According to Superintendent Tomilee Chambers, officer in charge of the Kingston Eastern Police Division, police and soldiers have been deployed in Dunkirk to prevent reprisals.

“There is an internal gang conflict going on. On Friday we had a murder in the space; based on what we are picking up, it is leading us in that direction that it is linked to Friday’s murder. We have increased our presence in the space and we have support from the JDF to ensure we don’t have any further reprisals based on what happened today [Monday],” Chambers told the Jamaica Observer.

A male resident theorised that the murders may have been sparked because young gangsters choose not to “take talk” from elders in the community.

“The three men who died wanted peace; they were not really in the violence thing,” the resident claimed. “It’s mostly the ‘bwoy bwoy’ dem inna war. The thing get out a hand because the big man dem cannot talk to the younger ones. To how the time set now, you can’t give the young bwoy dem nuh chat.”

Residents told the Observer that the shooting death of the three brought tears to many in the community.

The Observer was only able to get little information about one of the victims, who was referred to as Patrick. He was described by a resident as a “hype man” who did party promotions and who loved the party scene.

“I don’t really know much about his lifestyle but we know him as a hype man, a party man, and a promoter who had to have everything in the latest, like his cars and so on. I don’t know what kind of business he was in, though,” the resident said.

According to another resident, Patrick had three children with his girlfriend of over 20 years, and has other children outside of that union. The Observer understands that he is also a grandfather.

Patrick’s girlfriend reportedly lives overseas, and the Observer was told by residents that she is distraught by news of his death.

In the meantime, the Observer learned that one woman was spared from possibly running into the hail of bullets.

It is alleged that the woman was stopped by someone less fortunate on the road and was asked if she could help out with some food. It was when she stopped that explosions rang out.

“She just missed it,” a resident claimed.