Two Jamaicans awarded EU master’s scholarship

TWO Jamaicans, Kenardo Matherson and Ganga Laheja, are among four high-achieving youth who have earned the European Union’s (EU) Erasmus Mundus Scholarship for 2023.

The other scholars are Giann Vasquez and Tyler Eck from Belize.

The four scholars will pursue joint two-year master’s programmes in the fields of science, technology and engineering, at leading universities across Europe, come September.

EU Ambassador to Jamaica Marianne Van Steen, who congratulated the scholars, encouraged them to contribute to the growth and development of their countries following the completion of their programmes.

“I know it is going to be very attractive to go to all those countries and you will see a completely different way of living. I just hope you are going to come back to your countries. If Jamaica and Belize should make a leap forward we need young people like you, who have been trained and educated well, to work on your countries,” said Van Steen.

The ambassador also urged the scholars to take advantage of the different opportunities that will emerge from the scholarship experience.

“Open your horizons. It is not just about what you are going to learn, it is not just about your university and the courses — it is about becoming a part of the different cultures and making friends for the rest of your life,” added Van Steen.

Erasmus Mundus, which is designed to foster educational enrichment and intercultural understanding, is a joint master’s degree programme which covers the cost of students’ participation, travel, and living allowance.

Five Jamaicans were awarded with scholarships for 2022, which was the country’s largest cohort since 2014.

Since 2004 more than 30 Jamaicans have been awarded the scholarship.

The application period for the scholarship is open every year between October and January, for courses starting the following academic year.

Interested members of the public can consult the online catalogue of available masters’ programmes to identify postgraduate opportunities of their interest among the 193 programmes available.