UK upholds commitment to support SIDS in dealing with climate change

The United Kingdom has reinforced its support to help Small Island Developing States (SIDS) tackle climate change, emphasizing its role as an ally and a champion to the cause.

“Though we formally handed over our COP Presidency to Egypt last November, we will persevere in pressing to advance SIDS priorities, as shown in our strong backing for the establishment of the Loss and Damage Fund at COP27; and reaffirmed during the UK’s subsequent participation in the Conference on the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP15),” said UK Development Director to the Caribbean Malcolm Geere.

The UK has been at the frontlines of negotiating throughout both COP27 and COP15, and some of these include “co-leading the development of a ten-point point plan that sets out a clear pathway for bridging the global biodiversity finance gap; securing the Leaders Pledge for Nature last year, which commits world leaders to take action to drive sustainable food production, end the illegal wildlife trade and tackle climate change.”

Following the implementation of the agreements, the UK aims to enhance the Caribbean’s “economic resilience and ability to adapt to climate impacts.”

First is the £40m Small Island Developing States Capacity and Resilience Programme (SIDAR), which “aims to respond to pressures on SIDS governments arising from climate change and the unique disadvantages of small population sizes, remoteness, and vulnerability to economic shocks and natural disasters.”

Second is the £36m Sustainable Blue Economies (SBE) programme, which is intended to “enhance the resilience of SIDS and their economies” by focusing on “nature-based economic diversification.”

Such actions have already been started in five countries, including Jamaica and Belize.

Small islands like Dominica have started taking actions in mitigating the effects of climate change.

For one, the government has been serious in rebuilding a better infrastructure for an island that has been battered by severe storms and hurricanes over the years.

Dominica has mandated private company MMC Development Ltd. to oversee its massive projects on housing, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities that are being constructed throughout the island.

Over a thousand climate-resilient houses have now been turned over to Dominicans, with MMC Development Ltd. accomplishing 13 of the several housing projects of Dominica.

These projects are fully funded by the Citizenship by Investment program.

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