Woman accused of shooting partner to death now in custody

SANDY BAY, Hanover — A St James woman who was being sought in connection with the shooting death of her 32-year-old partner in Sandy Bay, Hanover, is now in police custody.

The woman had been on the run since popular businessman Sydoo Chambers was killed at home on September 15. She reportedly drove off in his his Toyota Mark X motor car following the incident.

Commanding officer for the Hanover police, Superintendent Sharon Beeput confirmed that the woman was taken into custody in Kingston on Thursday, but was unable to provide details.

In September, the police reported that on the day he was killed, Chambers was at a popular eatery when he received a call from the suspect around 9:30 pm.

She reportedly told him she was at his house and wanted to speak with him face to face. He reportedly drove to his house, there was a heated argument between them, a firearm came into play and she allegedly shot him in his mid-torso.

Chambers was rushed to hospital where he died while receiving treatment.

Before he died he reportedly told a relative, who had been inside while the argument raged, that the woman now in custody shot him.

Following the incident the Hanover police launched a search for the suspect and a stop order was placed on all ports of entry.

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