Woman named as person of interest in Danielle Rowe’s murder arrested

TWO months after the murder of eight-year-old Danielle Rowe, the police made a major breakthrough in the case, nabbing a person of interest on Friday afternoon.

According to deputy commissioner of police (DCP) in charge of crime and security Fitz Bailey, the woman was picked up in the Corporate Area about 2:30 pm.

This is a major breakthrough in the case since Danielle’s slaying in early June, which sent shock waves through the nation.

DCP Bailey said the police are unable to give any further information regarding the identity of the person of interest due to administrative and legal procedures.

“Further information will be made available as soon as those proceedings are completed,” he said.

On June 8, Danielle was abducted after leaving Braeton Primary School in Portmore, St Catherine. She was later found on Roosevelt Avenue in St Andrew with her throat slashed. She died at the Bustamante Hospital for Children two days after the ordeal.

Speaking to the Jamaica Observer on Friday, DCP Bailey noted that Danielle’s murder, which has “touched the nerve” of Jamaicans, including members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), has been given the highest priority, stressing that every possible angle is being looked at and every lead is being pursued.

He said that even with the lack of forensic evidence investigations progressed well and involved several lines of enquiries and a number of case reviews.

In the meantime, responding to a query regarding Danielle’s father being a member of the JCF, DCP Bailey assured that this has not impacted the investigation in any way.

“Notwithstanding the fact that he [Danielle’s father] is a police officer, he is just a witness like any other witness. The fact…does not impact, hinder, or promote a speedier progress. It does not assist with the progress of the investigation. The same rule of investigation governs him as well, and he cannot interfere and meddle with an investigation,” he said.

The deputy police commissioner, at the same time, implored citizens to provide any information they have that they think can further assist with the investigation.

On June 23, as the nation observed a national day of mourning for the island’s children, Prime Minister Andrew Holness also urged Jamaicans to come forward with any information they have about Danielle’s abduction and murder.

“I want to again take the opportunity to appeal to the public, if you know something, say something,” he said. “Someone in Braeton must have seen something. It doesn’t matter how vague your recollection is, whatever you recall, share it with the authorities,” he said.

Danielle was laid to rest on July 23.