Our Story

The Houston Caribbean Professional Association (HCPA), formed in 2016, is a non-profit organization of Caribbean-heritage individuals who look to connect with like-minded persons who are ready to challenge the status quo and commit to supporting, empowering, and celebrating members’ achievements while fostering sincere relationships that impact our community.

As an organization, we thrive because of our diverse origins. We represent islands from all over the Caribbean, and whether our stories began by birth “back home” or in the United States as the descendants of Caribbean immigrants, we share a rich and cultured legacy with a moral duty to teach, elevate, and preserve our heritage. We are also a diverse body of professionals and entrepreneurs from all sectors of employment who aim to inspire, leverage, and channel our interests and experience towards opportune areas of Caribbean impact. In response, the fundamental concept of synergy stands, that we as an organization collectively grow in knowledge, expertise, and magnanimity because of individual member contributions.

Our mission to “support, connect and unite professionals of Caribbean heritage for the advancement of Caribbean communities domestic and abroad” informs our trajectory as an organization. To that end, we have and will continue to initiate and champion initiatives across Greater Houston and the Caribbean that achieve meaningful humanitarian impact, positivity, and lasting bonds for years to come.  So, in the ethos of one love and unity, we hope that you join HCPA to connect and achieve the change that you want to see reflected in our Caribbean community!

HCPA Family