DFP Appoints Paul Baron as General Secretary

The Dominica Freedom Party(DFP) is pleased to announce the appointment of Paul Baron as the General Secretary of the DFP. A descendant of the Kalinago people and a resident of Antrizle – in the Salybia Constituency – Paul has dedicated much of his life to community engagement and leadership.

His remarkable contributions to Community and Youth Development have been significant both at the local and national levels. Embarking on his people-serving journey from the early age of sixteen, Paul has held various influential positions in his community, including councilor of the Atkinson Village Council, before being elected as its chairperson in 2017. He has also served on The Dominica Youth Business Trust, The Kalinago Youth Council, and The Rotaract Club of Dominica. He then rose to national prominence when elected as the President of the National Youth Council of Dominica in 2018.

Professionally, Paul is the CEO of EDEN Consultancy, a Real Estate, Insurance, Travel, & Business Development Agency. He also has firsthand professional experience working within the Kalinago Community as the Liaison Officer of the then Ministry of Kalinago Affairs and, most recently, as Liaison to the Kalinago Council.

Paul firmly believes that communities serve as the cornerstone for development initiatives. He champions the idea that “individuals will make decisions based on the degree to which they are informed and knowledgeable about prevailing opportunities.”

Paul credits his dedication to community building to the influence of his parents, his childhood community, and a profound belief in the Dominican Dream. His appointment to a significant national political role comes at a critical juncture when the youth and people of Dominica face economic and social challenges, necessitating competent leadership to advocate for their interests and foster strength, liberty, and prosperity.

The Dominica Freedom Party thus warmly welcomes Paul to the executive team. We have full confidence that he brings immense value to the Dominica Freedom Party and contributes to the overarching goal of building a resilient, prosperous nation centered on human capital development and equal opportunity.

Bernard Hurtault

Political Leader

The Dominica Freedom Party

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