Fisher-folk Cash in on Increased Fuel Rebate by the Government of Saint Lucia

Castries, Saint Lucia – Prime Minister Hon. Philip J. Pierre leads a government that continues to put people first. Fishermen across Saint Lucia have started receiving their increased fuel rebate as pledged in the 2023/2024 budget address, signalling a tangible commitment by the Government of Saint Lucia to support the fisheries sector and promote sustainable livelihoods for fisher-folk.

Qualified fishing vessel owners with valid licenses and affiliations with registered fisher-folk cooperative societies will now receive a $2.50 per gallon rebate, up from $1.50. The maximum rebate per vessel is set at 6000 gallons quarterly. This round of rebate covers payments for the quarter from July to September, 2023.

This government’s implementation of an enhanced fuel rebate seeks to alleviate the financial strain stemming from the global surge in fuel prices and ensure the continued viability of small-scale fishers. Given that fuel costs represent a significant operational expense for fishing vessels, the rebate offers vital relief by reimbursing vessel owners for their fuel expenditures.

To further offset the high cost of fuel, the government is currently increasing the number of Fishing Aggravating Devices (FADS). Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries, Food Security, and Rural Development Hon. Alfred Prospere says,

“The Increased rebates effective August 2nd,2023 and expanding Fishing Aggregating Devices (FADS) deployment are key government initiatives. These FADS reduce fuel costs for fisherfolk by, offering an efficient alternative to deep-sea fishing. With the installation of ten additional FADS under the World Bank project, we expect significant reductions in fuel consumption, benefiting our fishing communities.”

The Government of Saint Lucia maintains its commitment to fostering fishing as a financially rewarding and sustainable livelihood.

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