HHV Whitchurch, Creamery Ice-Cream Inter-schools Chess Tournament

The Dominica Chess Federation hosted the HHV Whitchurch, Creamery Ice-Cream Inter-schools Chess Tournament on Thursday, February 22, 2024, at the Dominica State College.
The following 7 schools participated in this event:

Convent High School

Dominica Community High School

Dominica Grammar School

Isaiah Thomas Secondary School

Orion Academy

Pierre Charles Secondary School

St Mary’s Academy

Each school’s 4-member team was placed in one of two groups, A or B. The format was, every team would play each member of the group once, and the top two teams from each group would advance to the semifinals.
Match Points were awarded in the following manner:
Win – 3 points
Loss – 0 Points
Draw – 1 point

At the end of the day’s games, with match points awarded based on the wins of each team, these were the final standings of each group:

GROUP AGROUP BPlaceSchoolPointPlaceSchoolPoints1stSMA71stDGS62ndITSS62ndOrion33rdCHS43rdDCHS04thPCSS0  

Worthy of mention are the following 11 students who were considered Outstanding Players of the day. They each played at least 2 matches and had a 66% game score or higher.

1. Lucas Sorhaindo – St Mary’s Academy

2. Emmanuel Jolly – Isaiah Thomas Secondary

3. Kelly Huang – Dominica Grammar School

4. Pzaddi Trocard – Dominica Grammar School

5. E’jhadi Maxwell – Orion Academy

6. Cajani Dejean – St Mary’s Academy

7. Walson Pacquette – Pierre Charles Secondary

8. Kermit Robinson – Orion Academy

9. Ayani Casimir – Convent High School

10.Gideon Belleau – Isaiah Thomas Secondary

11.Kiam Jolly – Isaiah Thomas Secondary

The teams to face off in the semifinals are: –

St Mary’s Academy vs. Orion Academy and the Dominica Grammar School vs. the Isaiah Thomas Secondary School.

From the results of the semifinals, there will be the third-place playoffs and finals to be held on the same day.

Tournament director – Nigel Francis who is Vice President of the Dominica Chess Federation and Chief Arbiter – Larry Thomas, the Federation’s Technical Assistant are pleased with the participation of the students in the tournament thus far. The Federation is thrilled that young players continue to learn and enjoy the game of chess and are willing to challenge themselves by competing at high levels.

The DCF thanks their headline sponsor – HHV Whitchurch & Co. Ltd. as well as the Dominica State College who provided the venue, for the successful staging of the first leg of this inaugural inter-schools chess tournament.

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