Eddison Titus, J.D., Legal Counsel, Trinidad and Tobago

Eddison is the founder and sole shareholder of the Titus Law Firm PC and is presently the legal counsel for HCPA. He has amassed many years of expertise across a broad range of legal and entrepreneurial matters such as business, real estate, estate planning, probate, SEC law, select litigation, and non-profit areas of specialty.  Professionally, he also holds licenses and certifications in domestic and international commercial arbitration, Texas mediation, and Texas real estate.


Eddison is a connector and implementer with extensive career-complementary skills that serves him well. In his spare time, Eddison enjoys traveling, reading, videogames, basketball, all things gym-related, and Anime. He holds degrees in Economics and English from the University of Houston and a J.D. from Charlotte School of Law in North Carolina.